Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cleaning Suede Heels

As you may know, I have an insane obsession with shoes but this does not always mean I take care of them well. An example would be my go to pair of nude suede heels by by BCBGeneration. I love these shoes and use them almost every electric event and or clubbing/ dancing night. The downfall however is that suede picks up everything from dirt, water and alcohol.

After tearing up the dance floor for about 7 months, I decided to give them a good clean. I searched on google and found this site: It tells you situational solutions to cleaning suede with simple solutions such as erasers, nail brushes, and simply water to reverse the damage. Note: what I think is very key is to buy that protection spray for your shoes to reduce damage in the long run.

So here I took a couple of pictures of the process. The very top picture is my end result, not too bad considering how they were to begin with.

I should be ashamed to show you this picture, my shoes look soo nasty but its because I really do dance my ass off when I hit the floor.

You can't really tell but the suede was lifting from the heel because I probably cut the fabric with my other heel. You might think that's weird but anything is possible. My solution to this was to get some tacky glue to stop further lifting. It doesn't look pretty or seamless but it definitely got the job done.

After the glue had dried, I took the nail brush and gently brushed off most of the dirt. To my dismay the shoes were still dirty so I took some water along with the brush and went back and gently soaked the surface of the shoes.

To speed up the drying the process, I used the heater in my apartment bathroom, it worked like a charm.


  1. This is absolutely crazy. . I went online to look for a website to show me how to clean a pair of nude suede heels because they are my go to heels and I take them everywhere. Restaurants, dancing, and the hills of San Francisco. I open the page and they are the exact same heels as mine! haha thanks for the article!

    1. How funny! I'm glad to hear that I could be some help. Happy Holidays and I hope you dance yourself well into the new year! :)

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