Thursday, March 8, 2012


Let’s see, my current dating life is non-existent but that’s beside the point. One should always smell good. Along with my obsession with shoes, I LOVE perfume as well. I think it’s a genetic thing, my Mom’s side of the family love perfume, I guess it’s the French influence that never really left my family. I grew up with my aunt spraying Chanel No. 5 or Tresor for work every day.

Any here’s a chart of my perfume breakdown if you can’t see the picture clearly

Ie: Daisy by Marc Jacob
Happy by Clinique
Ie: The Beat by Burberry
 Aura by American Eagle
Incanto Charm by Salvatore
Ie: La Force by Marc Jacob
Couture Couture by JC
Chanel No. 5 by Chanel
When to wear

           First Date
           First Day of work
           Flowery/ sweet scent but does not really linger
          Spring Time
           Has a citrus/ clean undertone
          Can be worn all season

          Clubbing or Just going out with the girls
         Women with high power jobs          Can have a floral scent but the smells lingers with aromatics and has dept
         Cold Months

Flowery: On a first date, you want to come across and danty and cute – harmless. The same goes with first day of work, you want to be approachable and friendly. EVERYONE wants to be liked and we as humans are keen on smells and their associations.

Neutral: Everyday use because the fresh undertone just makes you ‘like everyone else’ ; you’re not trying to attract attention but you still want to smell good.

Musky: These perfume usually put off a masculine…I am woman hear me roar vibe, which is really appropriate when you’re out with the girls and   ‘just want to dance’ cue in Dane Cook. :p Honestly, if you manage to attract guys with this perfume, I would be cautious they really aren’t the ones that you want long term…I’m not saying that they aren’t nice guys, just be careful if you want a man to be the bread and butter. Also, these types of perfumes are wonderful when you want to establish authority because of the masculine tone.

Well, I hope this is at least entertaining if not informative :)

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