Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Paying It Forward

(I accidentally took a picture of him while I was waiting on sunday, unknowingly, when I was playing with instagram) 

Since my move to LA and break up, I've been on this constant journey of self discovery. Along the way, I've been given many opportunities that I felt were heaven sent. So recently, I've been thinking about how I can change someone else's life even if its just a little. So here is my entry, I hope it inspires you make a change in your own life. Cause YOU ARE IMPORTANT and BEAUTIFUL and MOST of all INTELLIGENT! Never forget that.

P.S. I totally lied about keeping up with my blog pots, there's soo much that can and needs to be done. <3

This was a copy of my fb entry.

So remember that tablet I was trying to give away for the past two weeks? Well I posted it last night on Craigslist in the free stuff section and got the post taken off 6 times, but received 50 emails within 4 hours.

This is what I posted.


If you stumble upon this post, it is NOT a joke. (Please stop flagging this because I really would like to give this to someone deserving) I am serious. This touch screen netbook laptop is free and is in perfect condition aside from the dead battery (~$100) and a Windows 7 Premium Upgrade ($60) all of which you can do on your own. You may wonder why someone would give away a perfectly good piece of electronic (value ~$400). My simple reason for doing so is to pay it forward. I've been blessed with many opportunities and people in my life and would like to have the ability to change someone else's life. (No I'm not old or creepy. I am a 20 something year old LA transplant female who wants to see a change) I'm not sure how a laptop listed on craigslist is going to do this, but I have hope and faith that this netbook will find a rightful home.

So I have two points for this. 1) That who ever recieves this laptop, actually NEEDS it and does not sell it and pocket the money AND 2) You pay it forward by doing something signifigant for someone else. I understand that I can't monitor or see the good you do, but I live by Karma and that is enough for me.

So Bless!

P.S. Because this is a significant item please tell me a little bit about yourself. I am getting a ton of emails and will make my final decision by the end of the week.

Asus T101MT-BU37-BK 10.1" Touch-Enabled Eee PC Tablet (Dual core Atom N570 processor, 250GB)

I picked one email by a Ryan, who wrote:

Hello, my name is Ryan(: and I am 18 and I am just about to head into college and i don't have any kind of computer at all. I really need one as i have had to make frequent trips to the local library just to print out papers and such and is can be a hassle sometimes >.< I don't really have a steady living situation because things have been rough lately and i have been praying that something may come up that could help me in one way or another. I would really appreciate your consideration and I thank you for your time. I think that what you're doing is very generous and truthfully amazing. I hope you continue to receive blessings and i know your kind act will not go unnoticed. Thank you(:
        Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                                        Ryan

Of all the emails I received, I felt a sudden connection...(I was still thinking about his email in the morning)

I wrote:

Hi Ryan,

My name is Linda. I’ve received a ton of emails within the last 12 hours since I’ve posted the tablet on craigslist and yours stood out to me. I would LOVE for you to have this laptop. I completely understand what it is to not have much in your life especially when you’re about to embark on an extraordinary adventure such as college. Like I said in the post, it’s not in perfect perfect condition, but I’m sure you’ll figure out how to make it work for you. Lastly, all I ask of you is to pay this forward by doing something significant for another person; it only does take ONE person like yourself to make a difference in this world.

All the Best!


P.S. Would it be possible for you to drive up to the Valley this Sunday to pick it up?

And this is his reply back:


    Wow, thank you so much for this. This is so surprising and i can't believe that something this awesome could happen! I can't thank you enough and i really appreciate it more than you know. I will do whatever i can to help anyone if i am presented the opportunity. And yes, I am able to pick it up on Sunday; however i have church in the morning that i can't miss so it would have to be sometime in the afternoon around 2 or so. Is that okay?

This has completely brighten my day to think I can do some good. I don't even know how to describe what it feels like to help a complete stranger. I am truly BLESSED! 

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