Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bejeweled Heels

SOOOOOOOOO excited over these heels! I saw this pin on pinterest a few months ago and fell in love. Come on its shoes, crystals and Miu Mui's? What girl would not love those things? (Mainly why would a girl with over 60 pairs of shoes not be interested :p) But unlike the girl who originally blogged about this amazing idea, I did not want to invest in $70 shoes with the possibility that I would mess up. So I've been waiting patiently for a cheaper alternative to pop up on Go Jane

I did however, fork over the $40 for the crystals because if all else would be put to great use for another project. Fast forward a bit, I spent the better half of Saturday and several wet towels to remove the glue from my fingers placing these gems on. It was all worth the effort, I must say! Super easy and very pretty and unique to your own personality. <3

Heels with velvet or fabric next to the heel.These are the ones I got, but these are nice as well.
60-80 pieces of Swarovski Rhinestones of various sizes up to 15mm
Bottle of Liquid Stitch
Pair of Tweezers
Ton of wet paper towels

1) Make sure your shoes are clean of lint (I guess its not necessary, just my OCD)
2) DO NOT listen to the back of the glue bottle!!!! DO NOT place the glue on the fabric first. ( I learned that it is impossible to remove and leaves a mark if an excess amount it put on)
3) Instead, place droplets of glue behind the rhinestones and wait for a few minutes until it starts to harden. Do 4 at a time, so the glue still has its tackiness. 
4) Use the tweezers to place the crystals behind the heel. I did a design where the crystals got smaller as I got closer to the heel. 
5) Wait at least 24 hours before struting your heels. ( Its a lot harder than it seems, but you can do it!)

Until next week! <3

(Yes, there are two extra round stones on the right shoe, Im waiting for the backorder of the rest :/)


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