Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beginning: Teepee Adventure

Its been a long time coming. I few months ago, while browsing aka wasting my life obsessed with pinterest, I found a picture of a child's reading room teepee and thought to myself  'Why not?!?! This is MY time.' So through some Etsy searching, I found a lovely woman by the name of Shelley, who indulged into my whim.

Yesterday, I finally made it to Lowe's and bought some 3/4" PVC pipe. Thank God there's a benefit to being a girl, the employees at Burbank Lowe's were more than happy to cut down the PVC and package them for me (took the time to find some twine and tie the pipes together)This is going to be an ongoing project for the next couple of weeks, but these is the beginning pictures.

Ultimately, I want to create a reading/ writing corner in my living room. Note: my apartment will explode from all this girliness eventually.<3

Monday, May 28, 2012

Brownie Cake Pops

Have you ever had a really bad day and just wanted to hide? Yeah, well...that was me last week when I burnt popcorn at work and set off the fire alarm. You would think that was enough to kill you, right? Well...I work in the research department of my company, so the entire building had to evacuate and the fire department came. Umm, yeah....and the best part is, I went and owned up to my mistake. :/ Hopefully, that will win me karma points in the future.

In any case, I felt bad, so I went home to make brownies in hopes of making up for my juvenile mistake. But the brownies were too fudgy (this is why I hate store bought mixes), so I decided to make cake pops, which turned out to be a bigger hit. :)

So my lesson learned is to ALWAYS man up and own up to things you do wrong even if its hard. You'll be better in the long run...and that store bought mixes have a ton of oil content to them. :p

1 Box of Store Box Brownies (made to the instructions in the back)
1 bag of candy melts
Pearl Sprinkles
Metal Wire Rack
Two Spoons
Glass Bowl

1) Once the brownies are cooked and cooled down, roll 1" diameter balls
2) In the glass bowl microwave the candy melts down (it was exceptional hot that day, so it only took 30 seconds)
3) Using the two spoons, gently toss the brownie balls into the melted candy melts
4) Place on Metal Wire Rack for a few minutes so the candy melt can harden a bit then decorate with pearls
5) Leave over night to cool down and harden ( in my case, I had to refrigerate the brownie pops over night)

SIDE NOTE: no one remembers the fire alarm incident  and my co-worker said she liked the chewiness of the brownie center. <3

Revamping Forgotten Furniture

PSHH!!! I like taking home abandoned furniture like kids take home stray cats. They are such good finds and often are abandon on the curb because people constantly move around in LA. It just so happens that people move very often in my neighborhood. Though a majority of my neighbors are Orthodox Jews; there's community college kids, hipsters, and dream hopefuls all here in Valley Village. 

Anyway, I found this glass cabinet a few weeks ago and was very fortunate that an old Armenian Man took pity on me and helped me carry this thing down the street and up the stairs. (GOD is AMAZING!!!)

Normally, a glass cabinet like this would be close to $100 out here in LA, so it was a lovely find and made of actual wood...unlike IKEA :/ 

Overall the project was a success but was very time consuming because the previous owners just caked on more paint to the original paint job. (It gives the wood a bubble plastic look, so I don't ever suggest caking on paint like frosting)

60 Grade Sand Paper
Sand Paper Sponge (lost the packaging, but go to the hardware store
Small Can of paint (I choose a mint green, which doesn't show in the pictures)
Masking Tape
Rubbing Alcohol (optional)
Cost: Less than $20

1) Use the 60 Grade sand paper to sand off the uneven edges of the paint job (if you have an electronic sander...you are BLESSED)
2) So after 2-3 days of sanding....go over with the sponge sand paper - this will even the surface because the 60 grade sand paper leaves very visible marks.
3) Use the masking tape to cover the edges of glass and then paint away

NOTE: Rubbing Alcohol can be used to remove paint left on the glass. Its a lot less toxic than acetone or paint thiner. 

Voila! You have your own personalized piece of furniture.

(I got bored and started to doodle)

 (I used the cabinet for my jewelry and make up...one day though it will be in my living room)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Avocado "Ice Cream"

Avocado and Ice Cream probably doesn't sound good to most people because you're used to avocados in with your omelets or in sandwiches, but trust me. It soo yummy and VERY nutritious. I actually got this idea from my cousin while she was preparing food for her hairy troll. (Though she may never really know, I learn a lot of my cooking from watching her over the years)

And the best part about this recipe is....you don't need an ice cream maker. Honestly, how often would you use one if you did have one? Its impractical! No this is going to be a mini chemistry lesson with a yummy healthy result.

3-4 Small Sized Avocados
3-4 TBSP Granulated Sugar (you can put less if you would like)
~ 1/4 C Reduced Milk
1 entire tray of ice (or 16 ice cubes for all you fancy people with a nice fridge)

1) Blend all ingredients with a blender. You'll get a nice smoothie but that's not our quest.
2) Place mixture into a tupperware and place in the freezer
3) Let it sit for ~30min and open to stir the mixture well with a spoon
4) Repeat for 2-3 hours
5) Leave for another 2 hours and you have 'ice cream'

WHY DOES THIS WORK? You might think its a waste of time and just easier to let the mixture sit in the freezer for 4 hours and then serve. BUT you are WRONG. 

The great thing that makes ice cream essentially what it is...is because there are small bits and pieces of ice in the cream, which in science terms means little small ice lattices forming over time instead of a giant one if that mixture is left alone. In that case you would get a giant avocado popsicle. 

So in lue of an ice cream maker, the continually mix every 30 min is 'curning' our ice cream.  (note: its not going to be like stor bought ice cream but at least YOU made it) Crazy huh? Don't you just LOVE science? Its all around use and gives use soo many rewards such as this.

Please do try this and tell me your thoughts <3

Bejeweled Heels

SOOOOOOOOO excited over these heels! I saw this pin on pinterest a few months ago and fell in love. Come on its shoes, crystals and Miu Mui's? What girl would not love those things? (Mainly why would a girl with over 60 pairs of shoes not be interested :p) But unlike the girl who originally blogged about this amazing idea, I did not want to invest in $70 shoes with the possibility that I would mess up. So I've been waiting patiently for a cheaper alternative to pop up on Go Jane

I did however, fork over the $40 for the crystals because if all else fails...it would be put to great use for another project. Fast forward a bit, I spent the better half of Saturday and several wet towels to remove the glue from my fingers placing these gems on. It was all worth the effort, I must say! Super easy and very pretty and unique to your own personality. <3

Heels with velvet or fabric next to the heel.These are the ones I got, but these are nice as well.
60-80 pieces of Swarovski Rhinestones of various sizes up to 15mm
Bottle of Liquid Stitch
Pair of Tweezers
Ton of wet paper towels

1) Make sure your shoes are clean of lint (I guess its not necessary, just my OCD)
2) DO NOT listen to the back of the glue bottle!!!! DO NOT place the glue on the fabric first. ( I learned that it is impossible to remove and leaves a mark if an excess amount it put on)
3) Instead, place droplets of glue behind the rhinestones and wait for a few minutes until it starts to harden. Do 4 at a time, so the glue still has its tackiness. 
4) Use the tweezers to place the crystals behind the heel. I did a design where the crystals got smaller as I got closer to the heel. 
5) Wait at least 24 hours before struting your heels. ( Its a lot harder than it seems, but you can do it!)

Until next week! <3

(Yes, there are two extra round stones on the right shoe, Im waiting for the backorder of the rest :/)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Lavender Syrup

This lovely picture was taken by my lovely and talented Duckie! LOVE YOU! (If I'm correct these are called English Lavenders. I use Spanish ones because they are easier to find in so cal)

Anyway, I get to do a blog entry on the namesake of my blog...finally. Lavender Syrup is by far my favorite thing to make in the spring when the flowers are in bloom. I've been making this simple syrup every year since my junior in college (so 6 years). Its very light but fragrant, so if the idea of rosewater makes you sick, I don't suggest making this.  

I really like using this syrup when I make lemonade or if you're having a really bad week...put some vodka in. (Too many lazy summer memories with this concoction) 

2 C Granulated Sugar
1 C Water
1/4 C fresh Lavender blossoms (make sure they were not treated with any pesticides)

1) Combine all ingredient in a pot and let simmer until sugar has dissolved. You can strain out the blossoms but I like leaving them behind. 
2) Store in the refrigerator (you can store it for awhile but the lavender taste is lost as time goes by)

Note: you can also do this with fresh rose petals 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Summer 'Pizza'

Its the day after Cinco de Mayo and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one hungover and slightly suffering this morning. Summer is just around the corner, so I thought I would do a little twist on a favorite comfort food. Don't deny it! Pizza is one of the greatest comfort food when you're nursing a hangover or a I-want-pizza-ice-cream-and-a-chick-flick-moment. 

This recipe is really easy and I promise you...VERY yummy! Please do try it out and tell me how it goes.

Thinly Sliced Cooked Butternut Squash
Armenian Feta Cheese (Feta Cheese mixed with Oregano)
Sliced Tomatoes
Slice of Wheat Tonir Lavash (thin flat bread)
Olive oil
Poached/ Fried Egg (optional to add with tomatoes at the end)

1) Place all ingredients on the flat bread except the tomatoes and lightly drizzle with olive oil
2) Toast in oven at 325 Degrees for about 10 min
3) Add the tomatoes

(In case anyone is wondering...that IS my old college textbook...you know some light reading ;) 

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