Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Chemical Obsession

As you may or may not know, I am a chemist and I see chemistry everywhere and in everything we do on a daily basis. Because if you think about it, chemistry is the basic building blocks of life, this also explains my love for cooking...its an elaborate science experiment that you can eat! :)

Anyway, as I was trying to pass the time at work, I decided to look up some molecules and draw pictures I felt associated with them. Here are a few of the drawings I've done. I'm going to color, frame, and put them up in my apartment. My favorite is the rose. Tell me what you think, I would love to get some feed back. 

Side Note: I think I will revamp this page in a few weeks and start up my Esty store, but that all depends on how lazy I am in the coming weeks. So be patient. 


I love tofu, and its probably because I'm Asian, but that's alright with me. Anyway, I tend to play with different ingredients when I get bored. This is probably an actual dish out there but here goes nothing.

Firm Tofu
Yellow Onion
Ketchup - weird I know but TRUST ME!!!
Fish Sauce

- Lightly brown the sides of the sliced tofu in a pan with oil
- Add chopped onion and diced tomatoes and continue to sautee until onions are translucent
- Add sliced mushrooms (there should be a sauce developing from the dices tomatoes and oil)
- Add a little bit to ketchup and fish sauce to taste

I know its weird to have ketchup and fish sauce in one recipe but ketchup is like a tomato paste and sugar substitute all in one. 

Thai Dish - Pad Kra Phrao

 I think its called Pad Kra Phrao, but don't hold it against me if I'm wrong. I learned how to make this dish from David's Mom, her recipe called for lemon leaves, but the ones online don't. Also, when serving with rice, it is a must that you add soy sauce for an added twist to your palette (at least according to David's Grandma who scolded me for not doing so years ago)

Also, I know I HATE writing recipe, but I'll write a broad one, so you can play with it as you please. I would love to hear how your's come out. OH, and the hardest part about this recipe is to find the lime leaves. Its not what you think of, they are not leaves from a tree that produces yellow fruit. Its a Thai spice that is rare is valuable.

Ground Chicken  - The recipe called for Pork instead, but this is healthier
Lime leaves - Kaffir Leaves
Green Beans
Red Bell Peppers
Thai Basil Leaves
Vietnamese or Thai Fish Sauce ( I can have an entire entry devoted to the differences)
Garlic Cloves

- Crush Garlic and sautee with oil in pan until translucent and then cook the ground meat until done
- add fish sauce with the burner still on
- add all minced ingredients except the basil leaves
- add more fish sauce or water to steam/ cook the veggies
- stop cooking when the green beans start to get kinda soft - don't want them to mush up
- lastly add in the basil leaves

Serve with rice and fried egg. <3

EDIT: My fake cousin, Oak, corrected me that I have to use Thai Hot Basil in the recipe.

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