Sunday, May 20, 2012

Avocado "Ice Cream"

Avocado and Ice Cream probably doesn't sound good to most people because you're used to avocados in with your omelets or in sandwiches, but trust me. It soo yummy and VERY nutritious. I actually got this idea from my cousin while she was preparing food for her hairy troll. (Though she may never really know, I learn a lot of my cooking from watching her over the years)

And the best part about this recipe don't need an ice cream maker. Honestly, how often would you use one if you did have one? Its impractical! No this is going to be a mini chemistry lesson with a yummy healthy result.

3-4 Small Sized Avocados
3-4 TBSP Granulated Sugar (you can put less if you would like)
~ 1/4 C Reduced Milk
1 entire tray of ice (or 16 ice cubes for all you fancy people with a nice fridge)

1) Blend all ingredients with a blender. You'll get a nice smoothie but that's not our quest.
2) Place mixture into a tupperware and place in the freezer
3) Let it sit for ~30min and open to stir the mixture well with a spoon
4) Repeat for 2-3 hours
5) Leave for another 2 hours and you have 'ice cream'

WHY DOES THIS WORK? You might think its a waste of time and just easier to let the mixture sit in the freezer for 4 hours and then serve. BUT you are WRONG. 

The great thing that makes ice cream essentially what it because there are small bits and pieces of ice in the cream, which in science terms means little small ice lattices forming over time instead of a giant one if that mixture is left alone. In that case you would get a giant avocado popsicle. 

So in lue of an ice cream maker, the continually mix every 30 min is 'curning' our ice cream.  (note: its not going to be like stor bought ice cream but at least YOU made it) Crazy huh? Don't you just LOVE science? Its all around use and gives use soo many rewards such as this.

Please do try this and tell me your thoughts <3

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