Monday, March 5, 2012

Home Remedy: Unclogging a Drain

I found this  online and thought I would give it a try. Our apartment bath tub is majorly clogged, probably from hair and the problem seems to be gradually getting worst. So if this works, it definitely beats calling maintenance to bring over the claw to and clean it out. (I don't want to see what's in there...ewww!)

The article calls for:

1/2 C Baking Soda
1/2 C Vinegar ( I used the good stuff because I didn't have the Hentz one around the house)
1 Warm Damp Towel

- Pour Baking Soda down the Drain
- Next add the Vinegar (You'll get a foaming reaction but that's okay)
- Then cover the drain with the warm damp towel for 5 min
-  Uncover the drain and then flush out with hot water

I'm not sure if it really helped much, but we shall see tonight. :)

Also, for other cleaning ideas check out the article:


  1. Good brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot . Thanks you for your information.

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    1. Thanks! I'm glad you find it helpful :)

  2. This remedy can work depending on what’s causing the clog. I know you don’t want to see whatever that was, but if this remedy didn’t work the way you expected it, you may need to give it a little help by painstakingly picking out the culprit of the clogs with a tweezer or whatever object you may find suitable. Anyhow, I hope the four-step remedy is enough!

    Gregg Weir @ Capital Plumbing


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