Saturday, April 21, 2012

Santa Monica

I know this blog is suppose to be about my crafts, recipes, and other consumer house factoids, but I'm going to take a brief second to talk about my little epiphany. It really doesn't fit in my other blog.
For the longest time I was convinced that the Westside was too cool for school; that somehow it wasn't some thing for me because I was too independent and so indie rock that the manicured structures were a faux pas. I guess it doesn't surprise many because I spent soo many years chasing a grunge valley boy.

MAJOR SIDE NOTE: {If you don't know my story this is how it goes: In the spring of junior year in college I met a boy. He was a bit weird and dirty and had dreadlocks...oh and Asian. We were chem lab partners and eventually we started dating. After college we stayed together, even though we lived an hour away. 2 1/2 years passed and I found myself moving to LA for a new job, but to mainly be with him. We broke up 2 weeks after my move and I've been trying to find myself ever since. One baby step at a time...I've lived 3 miles away from him for a little over a year and I'm finally ready for a change}
Anyway, this morning I decided to give this place another change and you know what?!?!?! I LOVE it! In the early morning as the Farmer's Market was opening up for the day, I found myself rejoicing in the simplicities of life. Granted a lot of faces were sullen and just not happy because it was early, I felt at home for the first time since my move to LA. On the empty streets of the promenade it was like a long conversation with the buildings and all its frailties as the morning fog rolled in from the shore.
I don't know where life will take me (I do know that I'm moving to the Westside next year), but there's such a comfort in that unknown. I KNOW that if I continue to do this blog I will find myself and find a voice. I guess my resolution is to always do what you are passionate about because money comes and goes, but the experiences in life make that daily grind all worth while. Also, learn to give things/ people the opportunity to wow even if you are initially turned off...everything deserves a second chance....maybe not 3, 4, or 5 chances, but at least a second one. :) 
Stay strong my beautiful friends! <3 

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