Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Homemade Face Scrub and Mask

If you're like me, you have sensitive combination skin that breaks out at the slightest signs of stress. Needless to say, my face is hating me right now. LOL. Anyway, my college best friend, Han, did some research and found me two natural and safe home remedies. 

Face Scrub/ Exfoliant:
1 Part Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 Part Baking Soda

Mix well and gently scrub through your face. The small beads of the baking soda will rid your face of dead skin while the olive oil will moisturize your skin. With lightly warmed water, gently wash the scrub off your face & PAT DRY. Do not wipe your face clean, cause it will counteract the purpose of the olive oil and just rip away your face and irritate the skin. REMEMBER to ALWAYS PAT DRY whenever you wash.

Face Mask:
1 Part Baking Soda
1 Part Honey

Mix well and generously apply to your face. Leave for 15 min and wash off. The baking soda will clamn your pores while the honey will nurture your skin.

Well, I hope this works for you!  <3

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