Friday, September 16, 2011

Watermelon Steaks

Since moving away from home about a year ago, my mom has started this tradition of over supplying me with food to feed an army. I have no idea why she thinks I consume this amount of food. Honestly, if I manage to eat twice a day during the working week - its a good day. I guess I play into the overly concentrated scientist, but I digress.

Last Sunday, my mom decided to give me watermelon. So yesterday I decided to experiment with  the watermelon and found several interesting recipes on but the idea of cheese and watermelon was most intriguing. (My friends and ex agree that I have an expensive mouth cause I like weird yay for future hubby when I'm preggers. lol.)

From the little research I did, I gathered that most of the cheeses tend to be dry. I thought it would be interesting to use a cheese known for its amount of water to create more of a creamier smoothness along with the juices from the watermelon.

So try it out and tell me what you think. Its different so one must be open to trying something new.

Watermelon sliced into giant steak
Mozarella Slices
Fresh mint - these are from my mom's Viet herb garden
Agave Syrup
Plain Breadcrumbs
Basalmic Glaze
Vegetable oil


Cheese sticks:

1. Coat each side of the cheese with a thin layer or Agave Syrup and bread crumbs
2. Place them to chill out in the freezer for a good 20 minutes - don't want them to melt as quickly when you toss them into the pan
3. In a saucepan pour in about 2 tbsp of veggy oil and place the burner on high until the oil becomes viscous and runs fluid like water with ripples along the surface. Reduce the heat a bit (the oil will retain the high temperature and the reduced heat will prevent the cheese steaks from dying in the pan) place the Cheese sticks and lightly toast both sides. You have to be quick or you'll get lumps of goo.

Note: I use agave syrup because it has a light sweetness  which is very different from honey and traditional maple syrup. You might ask why not use eggs whites instead to bread. The reason to NOT use egg whites would be the interference of taste because this dish is rather mild and has very light notes with the exclusion from the bite that comes from the basalmic glaze. 


1. Its kinda self explanatory: just look are the pictures I included
2. Remember to serve while the cheese is still warm.

Enjoy my friends until next time! <3

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