Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bustle Tutus!

A couple of weeks ago, my mexican sister and I decided that we needed to dance....and Nocturnal was just around the corner, so we decided that it would be an awesome opportunity to showcase our shuffling skills. :)

In preparation for the rave, I decided to design our costume: a pair of booty undies, corset and a bustle out of tulle. What's a bustle you may ask? Its the added fabric used during the Victorian Period to make it seem like you had a big butt! I decided that a bustle would be a wonderful play on of the Alice in Wonderland theme which dates back to the turn of the 20th Century.

I spent a few nights looking around and found this wonderful video on youtube: CraftoVision - Bustle. I love all her crafts, she used to do threadbanger and I was greatly disappointed when that came to an end.

Anyways, the same instruction are used with tulle with the exception of using trimming on the ends.

This this a picture of our finished project.

 The picture also includes the "Eat Me" cookies that is found in the classic tale. I just used felt, some glue and a ton of glow in the dark puffy paint. Once I find a way to load a pattern, it will be up, but its just a simple heart.

Well, here's me signing of. Tell me how this goes for you. I think its a really easy and inexpensive way to have a 'slutty' Halloween Costume without having to show EVERYTHING. However, I must say our costume was VERY out of character for the both of us, but you know what?!?! Why not? And in case you were wondering...we had a blast...the only foreign substance was my Powerade and one Redbull vodka for my friend.


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