Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Terrarium - A piece of nature in the big city.

I absolutely love terrariums! Its wonderful to be able to have a mini greenhouse in your very own bedroom. They vary from moss to succulent plants like the ones I chose. I think the beauty is that they are self preserving for the most part only needing water about once a week.

So yesterday, after spending a ubiquitous amount of time on etsy trying to find one that I wanted to order. I realized I had to no patience in waiting for the mail to come in so due to my boredom and child like attention span I set out on a quest to Burbank to make one.

My supplies included:
a) 3 succulent plants - you can find them at your local hardware store for about $2 each
b) 1 sack of pebbles - you can always find them but I coped out and bought some from Ikea for $3
c) 1 glass container with a lid - I found this one at TJMax for $10

* The lid is very important to keep your mini garden on the humid side especially if you live in hot dry weather like the Valley. :/
* Remember to not put in all the pebbles at once, save some for after you place the succulents in because it helps to anchor them down. 
* If you decide to use moss instead they only need to be watered 2-3 weeks and do get some cute ornaments for your moss
*They require sunlight but not direct sunlight

There you have it! Your very own terrarium :D

Song of the moment: Laura Jansen's version of "Use Somebody"

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